Pray that you won’t get bothered anymore, that you’ll choose to remain as true to yourself not being pretentious. Not someone that portrays perfection despite all the compromises you have to make just because of your feelings.

Pray that you won’t be bothered by his existence anymore.

That if you’re really a true follower of Christ you’ll deny yourself for things that doesn’t honor Him just like pursuing someone who has a girlfriend already. As if you’ll be happy being together because you know you don’t.

Learn to become more emotionally mature, learn to control that feelings you have for someone. It’s you that should be the one taking control of that, stopping yourself from becoming a mess. You need to be honest enough that you’re not perfect and you need help. You can’t do it on your own. You need people to remind you. Support you and help you. There’s no one here on earth who can survive without any help. You need to help others and sometimes you’ll be needing their help as well.

Learn from Jesus who portrayed humility that despite of Him being the Son of God and the only person who is really perfect still He accepted God’s will for Him to become the sacrificial lamb from sin He didn’t do.



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Keziah Galay

Keziah Galay


Loves to write inspiring articles about life, love, passion and purpose.